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Ecofitting collage

A sustainable and responsible solution for private cars, enhancing long-term ownership and upgrading them to electric drivetrain.

At a glance

  • Contributes to achieving zero-emissions through retrofitting of private cars to electric drivetrains, while protecting people's financial investment by guaranteeing an extension of vehicles’ life.
  • Explores whole-life design promoting and encouraging the act of reusing, recycling and updating products in usability, technology and aesthetics to change consumption patterns and contribute to a circular economy.
  • Investigates the relationship between people and cars, focusing on improving product experience and developing new design aesthetics that can contribute to the development of long-lasting ownership.
  • Develops research through context immersion, engagement with stakeholders and industry, design experimentation and prototyping.

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Key details


More information

Currently, there is no sustainable solution for the existing fleet of internal combustion engine cars. Ecofitting investigates a new strategy to contribute towards zero-emissions by reusing and retrofitting an existing car fleet as opposed to current industry strategies merely based on the creation of new products, and avoid the massive impact of end of life and disposal. In doing so, it explores the development of new design paradigms, business models and manufacturing approaches, as part of a circular economy approach.

Based on the UK’s government targets on clean-air zones and zero-emission vehicle phasing, we identified a timeline and scope within which the concept of Ecofitting is most relevant. While cars made before 1980 are protected under the Classic Car exemption, all cars made from then until the implementation of the current emission standards are potential candidates for Ecofitting. Data from the Department for Transport indicates that, as of 2019, there is a fleet of 15.1 million diesel and petrol cars currently on UK roads that are non-compliant with clean air zones. These cars are the focus of the ongoing study.

IMDC studies into car design trends identified Ecofitting also as a feasible approach from a cultural perspective. We found that the development of a nostalgic consumer taste, the collection of classic and modern classic cars, the increasing value of personalisation, and the complex and intimate emotional relationship between people and cars, can contribute to the development of long-lasting ownership. This will be based on aesthetic experiences which are different from the current one.

State-of-the-art of retrofitting and customising exploring their cultural, environmental, and social-economic foundations.

2D design experimentations to find new whole-life design solutions

Design strategy for zero-emission mobility including new design paradigms, business models and manufacturing approaches

Research on circular economy, environment, market, and social foundations for Ecofitting. State-of-the-art research of retrofitting and customising.

The research produced a paper presented at the 2020 Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energies Conference (EVER Monaco).

Ecofitting Circular Economy: An alternative approach to market, consumption, and design towards zero emissions

Available in: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9242964

Feasibility study of the Ecofitting circular economy strategy and products following a quadruple bottom line for sustainability.

Development of Ecofitting 2D design experimentations to find new circular economy solutions to the transition to zero emissions.

Design strategy including new design paradigms, business models and manufacturing approaches for circular economy.

The research produced two papers presented at the 2021 Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energies Conference (EVER Monaco).

A Quadruple Bottom Line of Sustainability Analysis of Ecofitting Design Concept

Available in: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9456640

Ecofitting: design directions upgrading cars to zero emissions

Available in: https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/9456656

Development of the Ecofitting Design Platform.

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